Mobile Phone Air Vent Grip Magic Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder Cradle for iPhone and Android CellPhones

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You have to check this out, its so simple yet so effective. This little product has been designed to be very effective for use in the car or as a versitile stand for any mobile device.

The design is unique, effective and very simple to fit into any vehicle.

  • Designed to Hold iPhones Android Phones and GPRS Devices
  • A Powerful Magnetic Cell Phone Air Vent Mount, supplied with thin metal plates to enable a very powerful force that will hold most mobile devices
  • Very Easy to Mount and Remove most devices with one hand
  • The High quality rubber base of the mount is unique, The base of the mount solidly holds the magnetic head of the mount, keeping your device in place, even if travelling on bumpy roads. This mount will hold most cell phones without any problems.
Can be fitted to any air vent

Fits on any air vent snuggly

Simply fits onto the air vent of most vehicles a single claw which is sprung loaded fits snuggly onto your air vent. This little beauty does not therefore obscure any view when driving and is a must for GPRS devices and cellphones. The powerful magic magnetic holder can hold mobile units on smooth and rough terrain.
The ergonomic design stands out from the rest simple, clean and very user friendly.

Very Simple to add or remove your device

Simple to attach or remove your device

Clips into the air vent vertically, horizontally or at an angle and is very simple to add or remove your device. Single hand operation allows you to dock and remove your device with one hand and adjust the device by 360 degrees.

Never limits your view as it keeps your cell phone in a perfect position on the air vents ensuring safer driving when having a handsfree phone conversation


Include with mount are 3 metal thin plates

Include with mount are 3 metal thin plates

The magnetic mount simply works by placing a thin metal plate at the back of your device, the plates also come with a sticky adhesive strip so you can easily stick it on your mobile device, it can also be placed at the back of your cellphone case.

The magnetic mount comes with additional plates that can be used on more than one device.



The versatility of the mount is such that it can be used as a stand for your mobile device

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Our magnetic mount is very versatile and can also be used as a stand for your phone, because it is so easy to remove from the air-vent of your car it can act as a stand for your mobile device.

So simple, yet so clever once removed from the air vent  you have a versatile stand for your device that can be used either upright or portrait.


Powerful magnetics built within the design provide a powerful force guaranteed to hold most mobile devices

Powerful magnetics built within the design

Powerful Magnetic Force
A very powerful magnetic mount, with ergonomic design

Guaranteed to Hold your mobile device
The high quality rubber base of the mount is unique, the base solidly holds the magnetic head of the mount, keeping your device in place, even if travelling on bumpy roads.This mount will hold most cell phones and mobile devices without any problems.

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